I don’t really have a favorite singer. I like music in general. I think that it is a good company for whatever you are doing. I need music blaring when I am in the kitchen to prepare a meal. I enjoy dancing and singing with the spoon dirty with tomato sauce HAHAH 🙂 Moreover I love to spend my summer nights by the pool with my friends and a delicious glass of white wine…and of course with a nice playlist in the background.

My top five albums are:



Rocky Mountain Trip

In one word: BREATHTAKING!


Last week I went to an overnight trip to Rocky Mountain and I didn’t expect to see such wonders! I knew that Canada had lots of green and unspoiled spaces but not so beautiful!

On Saturday I went to Lake Moraine, Lake Louise and Johnson Canyon. In particular, I was so fascinated by the color turquoise of the Lake Moraine, in contrast to the majestic and grey mountains…WOW EXTRAORDINARY! Not to mention the visit to the Columbia Ice field.  A thing unique and special! It was the first time that I walked on the Ice. Fantastic!

It was a really great experience and I enjoyed it very much! Maybe, in the future, I will return!


I LOVE TO TRAVEL! I think that it is the best way to improve a language and to learn something about a new culture.  I consider myself fortunate for the many fantastic places that I have had the opportunity to visit. First of all I went to some countries in Europe like England, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland , Austria, Greece, Croatia, Hungary…

For me the best travel that I had in Europe was in Spain.                 OH…I like Spain, I like the language,Spanish-Paella the people, the food, the life (Spanish live in the night hahaha). I stayed in Spain for 2 months to improve my Spanish, and when I had to return to Italy I cried a lot for the Paella that I would miss.

I went also with my family to IMG_0366Mumbai, Hong Kong and Tokyo but I was a child (10 years old), so I don’t remember a lot…only the peach blossom and the typical Japanese houses.

But my favorites trips are the summer holiday. For several years I went to Egypt, Tunisia an  d Turkey… and there the sea is spectacular, fabulous! I love diving with my dad and discover the marine world. For this reason I believe that my next destination will be the Caribbean, but before I will have to gather a little bit of money 😉

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In conclusion, I am convinced that it is nice to travel and discover different cultures, but at the same time I think that there isn’t better place than your own home. I love my city, my community and my food (especially) and I would not change it with aimagesnother place in this world.









After two weeks that I have been here in Canada I learned that the most common food here is the Meat, used for the hamburger or barbecue. I have never eaten so much Beef in all my life! It’s very very DELICIOUS but when I am in Italy I eat meat only 2/3 times a week, not every day! 🙂 Sincerely I miss a little bit my healthy Italian food, with lot of vegetable and fish (I love the uncooked fish)…and (not so healthy) my lovely PIZZA. My favorite food! For the Italian, I think that pizza is like a meat for the Canadian. In all Italy people can try a fantastic pizza but I believe that the best restaurant is in Naples! Aperol-Spritz-250x375The name is “Da Michele” and every time I go there, I eat so much pizza to explode 🙂 Another thing that here don’t exist is the “Spritz“. In Italy is very common go every afternoon, before the dinner (at about 6:00pm), to take this aperitif with white wine, soda water and Campari or Aperol (a sort of ginger). I love it, is way to socialize with the people!